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The KORU assortment contains a range of films that cover all common graphic applications.
Optimal photographic speed, stable processing, faithful tone reproduction and a superb batch-to-batch consistency are just a few of the advantages of the outstanding technology used to produce these films. This product range has been developed to meet the exact needs of graphic film pre-press.

Next to film Koru supplies analogue and digital plates for ‘computer-to-UV-platesetters’.  For both product ranges as well a positive as a negative plate are available.  Of course these products have been developed to meet the exact customer needs.

Film assortment

  Plate assortment
Recording: Rapid access 
KRD: Red laser diode
KIR: Infrared laser diode
GRDM: Red laser diode
Contact: Rapid access
CON: Negative working
Koru Pos: positive plate
Koru Neg: negative plate
Koru UV Pos: positive UV plate
Koru UV Neg: negative UV plate
Recording: Hard dot
XRD: Red laser diode
KLE: Red light emitting diode
XRM: Red laser diode
XR7M: Red laser diode
Camera : Hard dot
CAM: Negative working
Koru Pos Dev: suitable for analogue and UV positive plates
Koru Neg Dev: suitable for analogue and UV negative pales
Koru Finishing Gum: suitable for positive and negative plates
Koru Baking Gum: suitable for positive baked plates
Koru Film Dev: Developer
Koru Film Fix: Fixer
Koru Chemical Clean: Bath cleaner